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Good News and Simple Pleasures. . . March 18, 2010

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Week two of the diet has begun and is on track. Weigh in day was yesterday and I lost four pounds during week one, which makes me very happy. If I keep losing at that speed I will meet my goal sooner than expected. However, if I can just lose a little every week, I’ll be happy with that too.

This time around feels different. For some reason it is finally ingrained in my tiny skull that I’m not going to lose this weight over night. I’m also not going to dump a massive amount in a short amount  of time. It took a few years to put it all on. Luckily I don’t think it is going to take that long to take it off, but it’s also not gonna magically go *poof* in just a couple weeks. So, my new diet philosophy is something like, even if I lose one pound a week, it’s one pound less than I weighed last week. So downward on the scale and onward I go.

Today for lunch I made deviled eggs. YUM. They were awesomeness. Also, other than the egg itself; fat free. I’ve been eating boiled eggs like crazy since I’ve been on this diet. Today I wanted a little something different.  They were. . . eggscellent. 😉 Here’s the recipe.

* Boil your eggs the night before you want to make them. (See bottom on how to boil perfect peelable eggs.)
* To make them peel like little jewels, tap both ends on the counter, then tap around the sides about four times. Tapping the ends cracks that little air pocket, and gives you a good starting place.
* Before you start peeling, roll them in between your hands like you would a lemon before you juice it, just not that hard.
*Peel away!
* Cut em all in half, and take a fork and plunk the yolks out into a bowl. Put whites on a plate, and set them (whites) aside.
* Chop up pickles and onions very finely. Think grains of rice small. Use as much as you like. I’d recommend that if you were doing a full dozen to chop about a quarter of a small-medium sized onion. I used red, because they’re my favorite for fresh foods. I guess chop up about 3-4 smallish pickles. Not the gherkins, but not the big ones.
* Take a fork and smoosh up the egg yolks, pickles and onions until the  yolks don’t have big chunkies anymore, and the pickles and onions are mixed in well.
* Using your best judgement, add enough fat free ranch dressing that the egg yolk mixture is *almost* wet enough. The best method is adding a bit at a time and mix in between until you’ve got it right.
* Add enough mustard to make up for that little bit of dryness left.
*Mix and smoosh until everything is blended well.
* Go get that plate of egg whites, and take a teaspoon, and scoop out the yolk mixture into the yolk holes in the whites.
* Sprinkle on some black pepper and paprika. Use some salt if you like, but they don’t need it. This means a lot coming from me because I love me some salt.
* Eat ’em til you’re sick, or share them with friends and family.

However, you can’t make deviled eggs if your boiled eggs are all busted, and the peeling is all stuck, and you’ve ripped off the first layer until the yolk is showing, and. . .and GRRRRRR! x_x. . .needless to say this has happened to me more than once. So I learned the best way to boil them.

(1) Put uncooked eggs in a sauce pot and cover them with lukewarm water (oops, I forgot to say add a splash of vinegar, it makes them peel easier, but it’s ok if you don’t have any on hand.). (2) Put them on the stove on medium heat (covered). (3) Let them sit there on medium until the water is really hot and about to boil (10 mins or so). (4) Turn them up to medium high until they get to a big rolling boil. (5) When they get to that big rolling boil, take them off they eye, and let them sit covered for 20 mins. (6) Drain off the hot water, and run some cool water over them. (7) Drain that off and stick them in the fridge. They’ll be ready to peel and eat in a couple hours.


3 Responses to “Good News and Simple Pleasures. . .”

  1. Heather Rose Says:

    If I liked eggs, I’d be all over this recipe. 😛 I really should eat more of them, being a veggie and all, I need the protein. I just think they’re kind of gross.

    Yay for being healthy! I’ve lost three pounds. Girl, we’re going to be hot(ter)!

  2. Amy Says:

    Congrats!!!! I’m proud of you!

  3. Ari Says:

    Congrats on loosing 4 lbs!!!!!!!!

    I. Love. Deviled. Eggs. Love them! My ex-MIL used to make them and that’s one of the main things I miss . . . but now I have your receipe and I’m definately gonna try it out!

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