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My Michael March 23, 2010

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This is the child I sponsor through Compassion International. You can sponsor one too here. His name is Michael Essel. He’s seven, and he brings be a lot of joy, even though he’s thousands of miles away in Ghana. He lives in an HIV/AIDS affected area, but luckily he isn’t infected by either.

A few weeks after getting his picture and basic info, I got a paper filled out by a social worker of things he had to say. I think it’s one of the most precious things ever.

He lives with his grandmother, Patience. He has two brothers and three sisters, and his best friend’s name is Kow Dadzie. His favorite game is football (soccer), and his favorite song is “God, You are So Good”. His hobby is running, and his favorite food is rice. His favorite color is red, and he loves the story of the birth of Jesus.

He asked me, through his social worker, how many friends I have, and what kind of work I do. He asks that I pray for him and his family, that they will be healthy and strong. He says he will always remember me in his prayers, and ask for God to bless me with more blessing.

He drew me pictures in his own hand of an orange, a mango, a house or barn, and something I’m not so sure of, but it sure is cute. However my favorite part is his message to me it says he says he really thanks me for choosing him as my sponsor child. May the good lord bless me and fill my barns in Jesus’ name. How sweet is that?

I’m not writing this to make people think I’m an awesome person, or to show off. I write about things I am passionate about, and he is one of them. Also, I write to let you know that if you have an extra less than 40 dollars a month, you too can do this, and provide school, food, clean water, and medicine to a child that really needs it. Again, here’s the link.


3 Responses to “My Michael”

  1. Heather Rose Says:

    Your Michael is a precious little man. He’s so thoughtful. I’ll be sure to keep him in my prayers.

  2. Ari Says:

    He’s so adorable! “May the good Lord bless you and fill your barns in Jesus’ name” – that is the most awesome blessing I think you can ever receive!!!!

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