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Plants and Plugs April 21, 2010

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Hello again dearies.

I’ve been a busy bee outside this week.  I’ve worn myself out again big time, but I do love being outside these days, which is strange.

I planted herbs.

The folks set out tomatoes.

I made a new friend in the process. She’s a sweetheart.

I also ordered some Columbine which I am excited about. (I wrote this a few days ago. . .it’s here, and it’s sickly. . .but the herbs  are flourishing.)

Anyhoo, I felt like writing about another one of my passions – cosmetics and cosmetic type things. I’ve discovered some awesome stuff.

First Up: Schwarzkopf Zero Frizz

I don’t have really frizzy hair, but I do have a little damage near the ends from body waves and colorings. Because of that, it doesn’t lay completely flat, and I lose some of the length that I have worked oh so hard to get. This stuff is amazing. Plus, it’s like five bucks. So, I decided to give it a whirl. When I got it home I squirted a bit on my hand to see what the texture was like. My first thought was “ick”. It’s like super thick hair gel.  I figured it would make my hair look all greasy and clumpy, and that’s a negative. I tried it after I washed my hair, and before I dried it. When I was working it in it felt a little thick and gloppy, and I was totally unimpressed. Then, I worked it in some more. . .  It totally proved me wrong.  I started drying my hair and brushing it with a paddle brush, and wow. Sleek, soft, not a bit greasy, and it made my hair lay perfectly and look longer, which is a way positive. So, unless your hair is stick straight and totally healthy, you have to have some of this stuff. Go get it. Mama said.

(Update: I cut about two inches off of my hair; maybe more. Yes, I did it myself, and it’s not too horrendous.  Now that I’ve cut off some of the semi-damaged part, I’m anxious to see if I still need this stuff.)

Next up to bat: Revlon Face Illuminator

I’ve always loved that glowy, dewy make-up look. I’ve never tried it before because a) I didn’t know what product to use, and b) I was afraid it would make my skin look greasy instead of glowy and dewy. Then I saw an ad for this stuff, and thought I would try it. I. Love. It. I’ve used it twice. The first time I put a little foundation on first, because the illuminator has no coverage, and I need a little coverage. Then I used the handy dandy brush attachment to apply the illuminator on top. Very nice, it didn’t feel greasy, and more importantly didn’t look greasy. It looks like you have a healthy ethereal glow.

By the way, this is the foundation I use:

I have to do a mini-plug for this stuff. It’s called Neutrogena Skin Clearing Foundation, and it’s perfect. I don’t think I will ever use another foundation. It covers wonderfully with just a little product use, and the best part is that it has salicylic acid in it, so it works with your skin to keep it clear instead of clogging it up and breaking you out. So, Neutrogena, if you’re reading this (yeah, right), please don’t stop making this foundation!

Anyway, back to the face illuminator.

The second time I used it, I mixed it with my foundation, and this is the method I recommend. The one thing about my foundation is that it is SUPER matte, so the illuminator really lightens it up and makes it go on very smoothly. Of course, it tones down the coverage of the foundation, but, I put concealer on underneath on trouble spots, and you couldn’t tell.

One thing about it, you have to be careful squeezing the tube. A good bit comes out, and a little dab of this stuff will do ya! A pea sized drop is plenty.

I also think this stuff would look really pretty on collarbones/shoulders when you’re wearing a sundress or tank top. Oh, and I got the pinkish tone like in the pic above. I really love it.

Lastly: MAC Pro Longwear Lipcolour

Lipstick is kind of my least favorite cosmetic. Don’t get me wrong, I still love it, but I am more eye makeup centered in my cosmetic obsessions. More about that on a later date. I have several kinds of lipsticks in various colors of red, pink, and nude. But none of them have just been “THE lipstick”. I am in love with this one kind of Lancome gloss, but as far as actual lipstick, meh.

I went on a search for a good one that lasts a long time, and since I haven’t found that in any brand I’ve tried, I went MAC’s website to check the situation there, and I found this stuff. I figured I’d like it enough to wear, but didn’t know I’d LOVE it. I got this pinky-nude color called “for keeps” for summer, and it’s nice. It’s about a shade or two darker than my actual lip color.

When they say “longwear”, they mean business too. This lipstick withstood a wet washcloth with witch hazel on it.

The trick to it is all in the application. Use the color end, and blot if needed. Then, and this is important, let it dry for about 30 seconds to a minute. You’ll know its dry when your lips feel tacky when you press them together. Then use the gloss end; it makes it look shiny and finished and takes away the tacky feel of the lip color.

It ran $21, but, it’s totally worth it, because it’s a wonderful product for one, and you only have to put it on once.

So now I’ve completely “girled out”… I love makeup, I can’t help it. 😉


3 Responses to “Plants and Plugs”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Ok I had to laugh at the “I planted herbs” comment after this week’s facebook shenanigans! Annnnd last year I planted a ton of veggies, but my black thumb killed them all. Actually I think it was all the rain, they just rotten. But this weekend is the Master Gardener’s plant sale in Gadsden and I am going to get a few more veggies. I figure maybe if I start from plants this year instead of seeds I might have better luck. Anyway, your blog made me excited for my veggie hunting this weekend 🙂

    • Amy Says:

      Good luck with all the planting. I assure you my herbs are all legal ;). Oregano, Curry Plant, and Lavender.
      Who is this by the way? Cheyenne? LOL, sorry

  2. Heather Rose Says:

    I’m totally trying out that lip-stain. I hate lipstick, but every time I’ve worn it I’ve gotten huge compliments. Maybe this stuff won’t drive me insane. ^_^

    Things have been uber hectic in my world lately, so I’m catching up on blog reading. Sorry I’m behind on commenting!

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